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was born in the Philadelphia area and raised in Springfield, Pennsylvania, one of the many suburbs outlying the city. The Napoli familyMaria Napoli maintained strong ties to the South Philadelphia section of the city after the move to the more suburban Springfield. Maria’s formative years were split between time spent in the city and long days in the suburbs. The contrasts in these surroundings set the stage for the major themes and imagery that would form the foundation of her work.

Maria has been fascinated with color and movement, and expressing through paint since childhood. She graduated with a Bachelor’s of Fine Art in Fashion Illustration / Advertisement from Moore College of Art and Design, which is located in the shadow of the Philadelphia Art Museum.

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Maria completed a Fifth Year Program concentrating on the Fine Arts, which began her journey as a painter. After graduation, Maria built an extensive work history in the art world, which has informed her own work.

She has worked as a gallery director for Wentworth Gallery in Bridgewater, NJ and New Jersey Designer Craftsmen in New Brunswick. She has also completed freelance design projects for clients including AT&T, Campbell Soup and Temple University.

Maria’s primary focus is to grow and expand while exploring the process of communication through art.  The work focuses on the discovery of what lies behind the surface of the visuals we encounter everyday.  Impressionism, especially the work of Monet, began the emphasis of mark making and color in uncovering the energy of the subject.  Masters such as Picasso, Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko continued the vision in movements such as Cubism and Abstract Expressionism. The journey is continued in Maria’s paintings.  She has searched to find the simplest element of form, and use that as a basic building block in the pieces. She focuses on what is occurring on a molecular level, translating that energy into mark, color and form. The canvases are a visual representation of the unseen forces of life, including the many facets of emotional and psychological experience.

The work is a catalog of Maria’s emotional history. The pieces deal with the struggle of mind and spirit encountered in day to day living. She hopes to connect to the viewer through these universal conditions. Raw emotion is used as a catalyst to create spiritual landscape. Geometric's of the city skyline in combination with the pastural colors and soft atmospheric haze combine electric energy and rock solid stability. Agriculture and architecture merge to create a visual language to communicate that which does not exist visually. The cues of color, atmosphere, space and depth that exist in landscape are translated to create the innermost canvas of thought and feeling.

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Fashion Illustration/Advertisement, Moore College of Art and Design (cum laude)

5th Yr.

Fine Art Concentration, Moore College of Art and Design (cum laude)



Emerging Artist Scholarship - ThreeRivers Arts Festival, Pittsburgh, PA


Honorable Mention Fine Art - New Hope Arts Festival, New Hope, PA


Honorable Mention Fine Art - Easton Art Affair, Columbus, Ohio


Invited Artist - Ann Arbor Arts Festival Ann Arbor, Michigan

Group Exhibitions


Jain Marunouchi Gallery, Soho, New York


Cleopatra Steps Out Gallery, Asbury Park, New Jersey

2004, 2005

Rockefeller Center, New York, New York


February Gallery Siano Olde City, Philadelphia, PA

Solo Exhibitions


Moxie DaDa Gallery, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania



 Nine Panel Oil Installation, Manayunk Diner, Philadelphia, PA



The Art by Women Collection of Linda Lee Alter


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